International School on Rewriting - ISR'09

Universidade de Brasília, June 22-26, 2009

For the course materials, click on the link with the name of the course (some are not available):

Franz Baader (TU Dresden) - Introduction to Term Rewriting (Track A)

Bernhard Gramlich (TU Wien) - Advanced Course on Conditional Rewriting (Track B)

Aart Middeldorp (Universität Innsbruck) - Advanced Topics in Termination (Track B)

Hitoshi Ohsaki (AIST)
  • Introduction to Tree Automata (Track A)
  • Equational Tree Automata (Track B)

  • Luca Paolini (Università di Torino) - Parametric Lambda Calculus (Track B)

    Maribel Fernandez (King's College London) - Nominal Rewriting (Track B)

    Fairouz Kamareddine (Heriot-Watt University)
  • Traditional and non Traditional Typed λ-calculi (Track A)
  • Extensions of Typed λ-calculi with Applications in Logic, Programming Languages and Formalisation of Mathematics (Track B)

  • Delia Kesner (Université Paris Diderot (VII)) - Higher-order Rewriting with Resources (Track B)

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